Are you looking to take your training to the next level? Do you have a strong foundation and are in need some professional guidance? Have you hit a plateau and don’t know where to go?  Are you just starting your journey to getting stronger but aren’t able to afford the ludicrous prices of in person training? Do you simply want to make more optimal progress and achieve your goals faster? If so working with me as an online coach may be a perfect opportunity for both of us.

I am  dedicated to providing you with the best programming and coaching services you can find anywhere on the internet for an affordable price.  My coaching  is data-driven, and guided by your satisfaction .

What to Expect

Personalized Program:

All online coaching includes a personalized resistance training program. Each program is specifically tailored to your needs, preferences, goals, and experiences. I will provide a resistance program, a warm-up, a stretching routine, as well as a cardio regiment. The length of the program lasts as long as your online coaching package. I would highly recommend working with me for at least one 3-month block, as to optimize progress.  In general programs will be 8-12 weeks in length, any program shorter than this and quite frankly you are wasting your time. The body needs time to adapt and change. Additionally program adjustments will be made every two weeks based on your individual progress.

Email and Text Support:

All online coaching includes text and email support Monday- Saturday 7 am- 9 pm. I will do my best to answer all your questions or concerns as quickly as possible, however realize that I also have responsibilities that I have to attend to. Texts will be responded to as soon as possible. Emails will always be answered within the same day.

Skype Support:

All online coaching includes one Skype session per week if needed. Skype sessions will be approximately 30 minutes. However, I will be flexible if an issue needs additional time to solve. After all I am here to help you and if you have an issue that needs ad time to address than so be it! 

Macro Coaching and Dietary Guidance:

During our time together I will act as your macro coach and provide you dietary guidance. Understand if you work with me you will track your macros using a calorie counting app. I would prefer that you use “myfitnesspal” that way I can follow you and see what you are eating each day. I will also require you to weigh/ measure your food. While I would ideally like all my clients to use a scale to weigh their food for the duration of our time working together,  I will make exceptions if a client is extremely against it. However, please realize this is for your benefit. Not weighing your food leaves a much larger margin of error when calculating caloric and macro amounts. Also, scheduled cheat meals and breaks from your diet will also be part of your dietary coaching so do not think that you will be weighing the same amounts of the same foods  day in and day out. Dieting can be fun! I’ll show you how.

Food journals will be collected each week, meaning you will track your food and send me your food journal at the end of each week. I will also follow you on “myfitnespal” Macros and calories will be recalculated based on your individual progress each week.

Please be advised that I am not legally able to give you “specific” meal plans. Under law only dieticians can provide specific meal plans, i.e. eat 4oz chicken, 8 oz rice, 4 oz broccoli 3x a day. While it is common for many coaches to do this, I personally believe meal plans are a scam and unnecessary. You should not, in my opinion, have to stick to a meal plan where you eat the same thing constantly. However, I will work with you to develop a diet that works with your individual taste preferences, budget, and time. I will also help you find patterns of eating that will most optimally help you develop your goals. You will never be given a “cookie cutter” dietary assessment or assistance.

Tracking Progress:

Each week workout logs and food diaries will be collected and analyzed by me. Progress will be monitored and assessed each week and discussed during the weekly Skype session. During this time improvements and program/dietary adjustments will be made to ensure sure you are on your way to success.

 What I expect from You:

I expect all of my clients to give 100%, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. This means actually doing the workouts I prescribe and following my dietary advice as best you can. This also means being honest with me, but more importantly with yourself. When you track your progress don’t embellish, when you track your food be accurate, and when we converse just tell me how you’re doing. In the end being honest will best help me understand how to best help you. Everyone slips up sometimes, and really this should not be something that one should have to lie about!

Spaces are limited!! To optimize your progress and give each client as much attention as possible I will only accept a certain amount of online clients. So take advantage while you can!

Inquire for prices!