Stanley’s 8 week bench programs was a success for me and it will be for you too. Thanks to his expertise I was able to add 25 pounds to my bench in only just 8 weeks. I went from being stuck on a 275 pounds max single on bench for over a year to benching 300 pounds for a max single. Now I can rep 275 pounds for 5 reps. I was also able to add 10 pounds to my deadlift and squat. Trust his programs and you will always see success in your fitness goals.


So after running the bench program, I got on a deadlift program the week after. I trusted in his techniques so I knew with his help and expertise my deadlift would also go up a lot. So after running on the deadlift program I took my max single from 525 pounds to 545 pounds in just 8 weeks. That’s 20 pounds added! I will always reach my fitness goals all thanks to him. I know for a fact I will get my 600 pound deadlift thanks to his programs and knowledge.