Strength and Hypertrophy Programming

Jakob Roze, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

“I have completed 8 of Stanley’s strength and hypertrophy based programs so far. With his guidance, I was able to gain 50lb of lean muscle mass, from a skinny 120lb -to a sturdy 220lb! As a Strength and Conditioning Coach myself, it is vitally important that we in the industry set our ego’s aside and continue to receive coaching from those who have a better understanding of areas that need improvement or simply a fresh perspective on our own training. I have entrusted Stanley to program my sport specific needs for the past 4 years and have exponentially improved my areas of weakness and have become a far better athlete than ever before. As I continue my career as a Strength and Conditioning coach, I will always look to Stanley for assistance in my own lifting. He is exactly the fresh pair of eyes that I need to analyze my movement patterns and lifting progress in order to make adjustments as needed to break through plateaus and reach new heights.”

Jakob at 120lb (left) vs 220 lbs (right) 4 years difference

Tess Tapinchapong, Aspiring 60 kg Powerlifer

“I have made amazing strength progress with Stanley’s programming. My program was based off my strengths and weaknesses and also my physique goals, no cookie cutter programming. Stanley also provides support and advice as well and answers all questions that i may have. During his 12 week program I gained 30lbs on my squat and my deadlift!”

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Haiko Kovkasyan, Personal Trainer

“Honestly I don’t know if I’d be at the physique that I am right now if it wasn’t for Stanley. My gol has been to loos fat and bulk- up without loosing strength in the process. Stanley’s 8 week program raised my bench press from 225lb to 255lb in 8 weeks! While making sure I reached my body compisition goals at the same time. I lost about 10lbs during the 8 weeks !”

Ricardo Navvaro, Aspiring 90kg Powerlifter

“Stanley’s 8 week bench programs was a success for me and it will be for you too. Thanks to his expertise I was able to add 25 pounds to my bench in only just 8 weeks. I went from being stuck on a 275 pounds max single on bench for over a year to benching 300 pounds for a max single. Now I can rep 275 pounds for 5 reps. I was also able to add 10 pounds to my deadlift and squat. Trust his programs and you will always see success in your fitness goals.”

Spotting Ricky before his 25lb PR benching 300lb for the first time

“So after running the bench program, I got on a deadlift focused program the week after. I trusted in his techniques so I knew with his help and expertise my deadlift would also go up a lot. So after running on the deadlift program I took my max single from 525 pounds to 545 pounds in just 8 weeks. That’s 20 pounds added! I will always reach my fitness goals all thanks to him. I know for a fact I will get my 600 pound deadlift thanks to his programs and knowledge.”

Ricky Pulling 545lb for the 1st time after a 8 week Deadlift focused program